Palmolive Naturals: Leave-In Conditioner; Healthy Ends Review

26 Jul

Boasting to “strengthen and protect your hair, leaving you with up to 90% less split ends” this supermarket cheapie is offering the solution to a lot of our problems – the dreaded split ends, but does it actually deliver? I’ve been using this product on and off for the past few months and, as much of a sin as this is, I haven’t had my hair cut in almost 8 months now and it seems as though I’m just only getting split ends now, though ditching my straightener, another sin, will have DEFINITELY contributed to this.

Let’s talk about the product itself, it has a soft scent – it’s not overly floral smelling but has more of a gentle musk and the consistency is definitely as creamy as described on the back of the packaging with ingredients including Hydrolyzed Silk and the very popular “Pro-Vitamin B5” which salon and supermarket brands both like to claim. My hair is naturally dry so for me, even the fact it makes my hair feel softer and minus the crunch factor drier hair can get is worth it.

As for application, keep the product primarily at the ends, using only a small amount – I use about half a pea size for my long hair. If you have drier hair like me brush it through but only through the mid-lengths and ends.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed using this product the smell, texture, cost and how soft it made my hair felt made it worth the AUD$7-$10 I paid for it.


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